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All Factory Outlet forklifts include a 90-day warranty and two Crown services.

Why pre-owned forklifts may be the right solution for small businesses

Investing in secondhand forklifts instead of brand new ones could be the smart business decision for small-and-medium enterprises to ensure cost efficiency without compromising on quality.

The main motivation behind buying pre-owned forklifts is typically the initial cost savings they offer compared to investing in brand new units. After all, you can save money on the upfront purchase of a quality pre-owned forklift without compromising quality or safety if you choose the supplier carefully. This is beneficial for any company, but for small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) where every penny counts, the much needed saving can be a lifesaver.

But deciding on purchasing a pre-owned forklift means you need to conduct even more thorough research, ask smarter questions and be extremely diligent in order to avoid pitfalls. Otherwise, the upfront cost savings may quickly lead to increased cost over the long term with increased downtime, frequent repairs and expensive, hard-to-find parts. This is why finding a trustworthy forklift brand and supplier is the first step towards making an informed decision.  

Crown Equipment, one of the largest material handling equipment providers in the world and an industry leader in Southeast Asia, offers an extensive quality pre-owned forklift programme. As an established quality brand, Crown commits to providing refurbished forklifts for an extensive range of applications, complete with safety inspection record, comprehensive service history with newly replaced Crown original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, and an industry leading warranty.

Revamped, renewed, and refurbished forklifts

Cash flow is typically the leading challenge many SMEs face. This is why it is critical for these companies to make smart, cost-effective business decisions, especially when it comes to investments in material handling equipment (MHE), which can add up to be quite a significant figure.

Ultimately, having a tight budget leaves little room for mistakes, especially when it comes to investments in MHE. This is why SMEs need equipment that offers longevity to carry out the required amount of work. A forklift that missed one scheduled day of work can lead to significant loss in productivity, profitability and revenue.

This is where Crown’s refurbished forklifts can deliver for small businesses, by providing exceptionally long life and reliable operational performance. As a reputable forklift brand that manufactures its own equipment, including up to 85 per cent of its componentry, each lift truck receives a complete operational and safety inspection, with faulty components replaced with Crown Integrity Parts – the same parts used in its brand-new equipment.

In addition, to ensure a safe, responsive ride for operators, all drive tires, load wheels and bearings are replaced on every pre-owned truck. Such attention to detail means the forklifts are designed to outlast and outperform typical used forklifts from other suppliers.

Comprehensive after-sales services

Buying Crown’s pre-owned equipment also ensures that customers can tap into the company’s comprehensive network of services and industry expertise as part of its after-sales services.

With a well-managed parts inventory, instead of replacing faulty parts with lookalike components that often do not fit properly or last as long as its original parts, customers can expect only Crown Integrity Parts for their secondhand forklifts.

Just like every new Crown lift truck, each secondhand lift truck is eligible for factory service and support, provided by the industry’s most responsive and qualified forklift branch network. With just a phone call, SMEs can be assured that they are not left in the lurch should any after-sales problems arise, nor will they have to resort to extreme solutions, such as buying or renting a forklift replacement, to rescue their warehousing operations.

An unmatched warranty

Crown’s refurbished lift trucks are backed by an unmatched warranty that rivals those of new lift trucks: one-year for major components, with no hour limits. The programme currently offers the industry’s longest warranty for pre-owned or secondhand forklifts. Additionally, every pre-owned lift truck undergoes extensive operational and safety inspections to ensure every component meets Crown’s high quality standards.

For pre-owned forklifts it is even more critical that you select the right forklift brand and a genuine equipment manufacturer who that provide original parts and factory-trained service support after the sale. Having the right MHE partner can save operational costs, increase productivity, reduce downtime, boost employee morale and safety and improve work processes.