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All Factory Outlet forklifts include a 90-day warranty and two Crown services.

The Right Steps to the Right Forklift

Checklist for pre-owned forklift buyers

The lead-up to purchasing material handling equipment can be an overwhelming process. This is why Crown wants to help customers select the best forklift for their warehousing operations.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or simply in need of a refresher, Crown is committed to helping you select the forklift that best fits your material handling needs. In this checklist, you will find tips to keep in mind when buying a used forklift.

Your local Crown dealer can also help ensure that your pre-owned forklift is in tip-top condition.

Keep the following tips in mind when considering used forklifts.

  1. Ensure that the forklift meets all your requirements. Take note that its features (e.g. height and width) meet the specifications of your warehouse and its applications are exactly what your operations need.
  2. Look closely at the condition of the forklift and carry out a function test.


  • Operator and service manuals
  • Maintenance history or service records

Appearance (Are there any obvious physical issues?)

  • Is there any visible rust?
  • Are the necessary functional safety features (i.e. console, seat, seatbelt, park brake) included and secure in their place?
  • Are there any cracks on its forks or chassis/mast mountings?
  • Are the tyres in good serviceable condition without any damage (i.e. tears) Are the “wear marks” still visible?


    • Make a cold start for combustion engines. Is there any smoke?
    • Turn the engine on and put the truck on a clean floor surface for 15 minutes and operate all hydraulic functions. Are there any oil leaks?
    • Do all hydraulic functions operate correctly?
    • Are the hydraulic pumps noisy?


    • How responsive is the steering?
    • Does the vehicle stay on track?


    • Is the brake effect the same in both directions?
    • Does the parking brake work?


    • Is there any play between the guide rail and fork carriage?
    • Do the mast and forks sag under load?


    • Has the battery been refurbished?
    • How old is it?
    • How many cycles has it been through?
    • Does it have a warranty?
    • Does it have a test report?


    • Does the forklift come with a warranty?
    • Does the warranty cover major components?
    • Does the warranty include hour limits?

    Safety & Compliance

    • Is the manufacturer’s compliance plate fitted to the unit and in the local language?
    • Are the ratings listed on the compliance plate suitable to your application and load centre?
    • Are all the safety labels in the local language?
    • Is the unit legally imported into your region and supported by an authorised local dealer?
    • If it has an internal combustion engine unit, does it meet local emission standards?
    • Will the engine function with local fuel quality?